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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Speech and Debate Competition

Announcing a Speech and Debate Tournament for NCFCA affiliates in Madison, Wisconsin, on January 4, 5, 6, 2007. :) Further details available at our web site. If you have ever considered getting involved with speech and debate competition, please come to the tournament to hear some great speeches and to be inspired (assuming you live somewhere nearby).

We are in need of volunteer judges for this event. I think homeschool parents would be great judges. No previous experience is necessary to serve as a judge; everything you need to know will be presented in a short orientation at the beginning of each round. In addition to homeschool parents, we are looking for judges from the general public because we want the kids to communicate with a broad audience--so, really, anyone over 18 and out of high school is welcome to judge. It's very easy to sign up right at our site: Christian Communicators of Wisconsin.

This is our family's first year of forensics competition--we are excited. Three of our children, ages 12 and up, will be competing in interpretive speech, apologetics, possibly impromptu speaking, and debate.

Questions? Feel free to ask.


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