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Monday, October 02, 2006

It takes so much more than "a village"

Friday, a school shooting occurred in a small town not even 20 miles from us. Principal John Klang was shot 3 times by a 15 yo student, Eric Hainstock. Klang died at a hospital later.

Reading several articles about the boy's background and containing comments by school employees and community members, I've found one statement (from this Wisconsin State Journal article) that makes sense to me.

Another friend of the family who insisted on anonymity said Hainstock suffered most from being the victim of a broken home, "a situation that made it very difficult for him to feel loved.

"You know the saying 'It takes a village to raise a child.' It's so false," the friend said. "It doesn't take a village; it takes two loving parents, and Eric doesn't have that."

"The village" knew that this child had suffered abuse, that he was the product of a broken home, that he drew troubling pictures as a young boy, that he had a problem with anger, that he boasted of getting into trouble. "The village" found his father guilty of battering him and restricted his father's contact with him for a time. "The village" decided, at the time of his parent's divorce, which parent was more suitable to have custody of Eric. "The village" put him into special education classes and anger management classes. "The village" threatened to put him into in-school suspension when he broke school rules. "The village" kept records on him and held opinions about him.

But, he didn't have two responsible people who loved him above all the other kids, two people who cheered for him in his successes and held him tight in his failures, two people who would give their souls to see him get a good start in life. How can "the village" be a substitute for those two people?


  • At 9:34 AM, Blogger ~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said…

    Ohhh... that is so sad. I pray your community has healed from this -- and you were able to minister to this boy in some way.

    I'm doing some random reading on the AO blog ring.

    Thank you for sharing with us.


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